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Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol & Drugs / Driving While Impaired By Alcohol & Drugs

DUI & DWI Law Firm of Fischer & Putzi, P.A. Obtain Dismissal Of DUI/DWI Charges For 5th Offender

Client charged with 5th DUI & DWI after an annonymous caller phoned police and reported that a motorcycle was being operated in an erratic manner and crashed.  Police eventually located the motorcycle in question as the operator was pushing it towards the curb.  Our position was that there was no proof when the accident occurred, when our client was drinking alcohol, and that the motorcycle was inoperable.  After our client admitted to a minor traffic ticket, the DUI & DWI charges were dismissed.

DUI & DWI Attorney David P. Putzi Earns Dismissal All Charges for Multiple DUI Offender Client Charged in Head On Accident with BAC of .25

Client charged with 3rd DUI & DWI after crossing the center line, striking another car head on, and having a BAC of .25.  Based on the investigation and my client's hospitlization, the State was required to produce hospital records and expert testimony.  As the State was unable to meet their burden, they attempted to postpone the case.  After listenting to our objection, the court denied the State's request.  All charges DISMISSED.

DUI & DWI Attorney David Putzi Wins Not Guilty Verdict for 3rd Offender DUI/DWI Client Due to Illegal Police Stop and Detention in Anne Arundel County District Court - Annapolis, Maryland

Client charged with his 3rd DUI & DWI after police stop his vehicle for weaving, smell alcohol, client fails field sobriety tests and refuses the breath test.  At trial, the State could not justify the legal basis for the stop or the subsequent detention awaiting a different officer to take over the traffic stop.  NOT GUILTY VERDICT.

DUI & DWI Attorney David Putzi Negotiates Dismissal of All Charges for Underage Driver Unconscious at a Stop Light with Blood Alcohol Level of .19 Due to Technicality in Mandated Testing Protocol in Anne Arundel County District Court - Glen Burnie, Maryla

Client charged with DUI & DWI after our client was found unconscious in the driver's seat of a vehicle parked at a stop light.  Subsequent blood testing at the Hospital indicated a result of .19.  Our position was that the mandated blood testing was in violation of Maryland law and that, without the test being admitted into evidence, the State's case was questionable.  In exchange for our client completing alcohol treatment, the State dismissed all charges.

DUI & DWI Attorney David Putzi Gets 3rd Offense DUI & DWI Charges Dismissed For Client Travelling the Wrong Way in Prince George's County - Hyattsville, Maryland

Client was charged with DUI & DWI after being stopped for police for going the wrong way, failing field sobriety tests and refusing the breath test.  Our client trusted us to defend him and protect his freedom.  On the trial date, the State was not prepared.  The State dismissed all charges.

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