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Sexual Offenses

Pre-Indictment Sex Offense Representation by Criminal Defense Attorney David Putzi Results in No Criminal Charges For Middle School Vice-Principal in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Client was under investigation for various acts of Sexual Chlld Abuse against a student where our client worked as an Administrator.  Our clent proclaimed his innocense.  Our investigation revealed that the allegations were non-sensical and that the physical design of the place where the events allegedly took place did not support the victim's version of events.  The State declined to charge or prosecute our client.

Criminal Defense Attorney David Putzi Obtains Dismissal of Prostitution Charges

Client charged with Prostitution related charges after allegedly soliciting a prostitute on the internet.  By the time our client arrived at the hotel room, police had already arrested the alleged prostitute.  Our position was that the State could not prove what our client intended and that there were flaws in how the allegations were charged.  All charges dismissed.

Sex Offense Registry Attorney David Putzi Earns Dismissal of Failing to Register as a Sexual Offender Charges in Anne Arundel County - Annapolis, Maryland

Client charged with Failing to Register as a Sex Offender after not notifying authorities pursuant to the Sex Offender Registry.  Our client asserted that he was not subject to the registry.  Our investigation revealed that our client had served his time on the registry and was not subject to further registration as a sex offender.  Further, the State's attempt to have our client register pursuant to a retroactivity clause was unconstitutional.  The State DISMISSED all charges.

Sex Offense Criminal Attorney David Putzi Pre-Indictment Representation Results in No Charges Being Filed in Anne Arundel County - Glen Burnie, Maryland

Our client was alleged to have Sexually Assaulted his two year old daughter with his fingers.  The allegations came from the child's mother.  Our client denied the allegation.  Our investigation revealed that our client and the mother of the child were about to begin a custody battle over the child.  Further, the mother used the alllegations in both circuit and district courts in an attempt to gain custody.  We won   hearings at both forums for our client.  Further, medical documentation supported our client that no abuse occurred.  POLICE DELCINED TO FILE CHARGES AND CLOSED THE INVESTIGATION.

Sex Offense Attorney David Putzi Earns Successful Resolution During Trial as State Ends Case During Mr. Putzi's Cross-Exam of Alleged Victim in Anne Arundel County - Annapolis, Maryland

Client charged with Fourth Degree Sex Offiense and Assault atfer allegedly rubbing the victim's vaginal area.  Our client asserted his innocence.  At trial, the cross examination of the victim revealed that the alleged victim provided inconsistent versions of the event and that the logistics of the event as described by the alleged victim were exculpatory.  After the trial judge ordered a break in the alleged victim's testimony, the State decided not to proceed further with the prosecution.  NO PROSECUTION - STET.

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