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Juvenile Crimes & Intake Hearings

CLICK HERE to view some extraordinary Maryalnd Juvenile Delinquency case results.

Boy In Handcuffs ImageYour minor child is charged with committing a juvenile offense in Maryland.  Immediately hiring an attorney will allow your family to take the necessary steps to properly prepare, as you and your child will soon have an intake hearing at the Department of Juvenile Services (“DJS”).  Planning for the intake hearing is critical in order to demonstrate that your child is amenable to treatment and services, ultimately permitting DJS to close the case without forwarding the matter for prosecution.

If you are unable to close the matter at the intake hearing, your child’s case will be forwarded to court for prosecution.  At court, your child is required under Maryland law to have an attorney represent them during the proceedings.  For most all juvenile allegations, the juvenile offender faces the possibility of juvenile incarceration until their 21st birthday.

The reality is that the juvenile court system is a unique area of law with many technical rules and procedures.  You need an attorney knowledgeable of, and experienced with, the juvenile system in order to effectively represent your child.

Mr. Putzi is both a skilled litigator and versed in the juvenile system.  He appears regularly at DJS intake hearings and the courts to represent juvenile clients.  Formerly, he served as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Anne Arundel County, Maryland responsible for prosecuting juvenile offenders.

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CLICK HERE to view some extraordinary Maryland Juvenile Delinquency case results.

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