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Handguns / Firearms / Weapons / NRA Referrals

CLICK HERE to view some extraordinary Maryland Firearms / Handgun case results.

FischerNRA Logo & Putzi, P.A. has represented numerous individuals who were charged with handgun and weapons offenses. These cases involve complex statutes, the potential of severe penalties for offenders, and the loss of an individual’s ability to possess weapons. Whether you merely forgot the gun was in your car or whether a prior conviction from many years ago prohibits you from owning guns, we can help.

Our expertise in this field is why the National Rifle Association (“NRA”) routinely refers clients to our office. We understand the importance of the Second Amendment, as well as the reality that Maryland has some of the toughest gun ownership restrictions in the United States of America.

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CLICK HERE to view some extraordinary Maryland Firearms / Handgun case results.

Please Note:

Please understand that every case is different and unique. As such, the results achieved in these past cases should not be viewed as a promise or guarantee in what will happen in your particular case.

 The cases below are only a small sampling of the cases that we handle every year and - in designing this section of our website - we only went back a few years in time.  

These cases were selected because of the extraordinary results achieved for our clients.  Please be aware that there are hundreds, likely thousands, of other cases that are not listed, but where we achieved superior results for our clients. We anticipate zealously representing you and serving your needs.

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