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Recent Cases


2/10/09 Client charged with Second Degree Assault for spitting on a police officer that was arresting our client for disorderly conduct. The incident occurred at closing time in the city dock area of Annapolis. We were able to assist our client in obtaining the proper psychiatric and alcohol counseling. After convincing the State that incident would not repeat itself and apologizing to the officer, State dismissed all charges.


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12/23/08 Client charged with Second Degree Assault after knocking the several teeth out of another teenager's mouth without provocation. We paid restitution in exchange for the state not prosecuting the case. NO PROSECUTION - STET.


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10/2/08 Client charged with Second Degree Assault on a police officer for throwing fireworks out the window of a moving car at an officer directing traffic. Client was on probation at the time and needed to avoid a new conviction. The State was unable to prove who is the car threw the fireworks. State dismissed all charges.


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9/30/08 Client charged with Second Degree Assault after a hitting the victim during a road rage incident, breaking the victim's cheekbone. Our client asserted his innocence, indicating that he merely acted in self-defense. State dismissed all charges.


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9/30/08 Client charged with two counts of Second Degree Assault for fighting his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. We demonstrated that the ex-girlfriend was manipulating both men and that our client had use reasonable force in the incident. After our client completed counseling, State dismissed all charges.


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Please Note:

Please understand that every case is different and unique. As such, the results achieved in these past cases should not be viewed as a promise or guarantee in what will happen in your particular case.

 The cases below are only a small sampling of the cases that we handle every year and - in designing this section of our website - we only went back a few years in time.  

These cases were selected because of the extraordinary results achieved for our clients.  Please be aware that there are hundreds, likely thousands, of other cases that are not listed, but where we achieved superior results for our clients. We anticipate zealously representing you and serving your needs.

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